This web site is dedicated to the automated analysis of Digital Elevation Models with ESRI's software packages, mainly ArcInfo and ArcGIS. The naming of the web site comes from a way earlier idea of putting up a discussion page of all kinds of geomorphometric discussions similar to Gregoire Dubois excellent web site AI-GEOSTATS. This never made it to the top of the priority list and with the Geomorphometry web site we now have the possibility to discuss problems at length. If you want to buy the book Geomorphometry - Concepts : Software : Applications.

One could refer to the AI in the name as artificial intelligence - "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines."(J. McCarthy,1956). Lets see where we are in 20 years time; will we have agents which are able to classify, stratify a landscape in an intelligent way? On the other hand one could refer to AI as Acronym for ArcInfo. I'm aware that "relief" is not really the correct term for geomorphometric analysis, however many people are used to that. Feel free to replace it for your own use with the 'proper scientific' terms.

For the moment you can find here the Geomorphometry toolbox (AML format and as PYTHON Library).